Alberto Avetta has always had a passion for perfume. With determination, enthusiasm and boldness in 2012 he founded the company, registered the trademark and created the first three fragrances – Cannubi, Arborina, Villero – that in less than two years became eight.

“Acqua delle Langhe” was  born  from the great passion for perfume and the strong bond with the place where each fragrance has been designed and created, the Langhe, indeed…

“Acqua” represents a challenge to the simplicity of the word itself, whose intent is to emphasize these eight fragrances that have as backdrop, a territory known for much else… For its food delicacies, its medieval villages, its rolling hills embroidered by vines. Just on June 2014 the vineyard landscape of Langhe were officially declared on the Unesco World Heritage Site.

In the past, water had completely covered this area. The primordial and fundamental element of life was water of sea… And the sea gave these precious minerals and these essential microelements for giving land fertility and wealth.

The sea has left that particular soft, clear tones, bright sand, typical of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.