At the age of 50, in a special moment of my life, while I was walking between the rows of vines, in the places of my childhood, engrossed in thoughts and smells that I breathed, I felt a deep desire to empower a dream held for too long in a drawer: make my perfumes. Smells and fragrances have always intrigued me ever since I was a child, I still remember the first perfume that I bought with my savings and I still treasure its little bottle. The scents are potent olfactory signals that awaken memories and emotions. I have always had an aptitude to recognize and pay attention to them improving and exercising my nose. Curiosity, sensibility, instinct and imagination have led me all along and these features outlined my character. Each creation comes from an intuition, an attitude. With the same responsibility and the sense of duty that I have always been transmitted in the land where I grew up and I have taken root into, I realized my products.