circular economy

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves: sharing, lending, reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling of materials.

This technique extends the life of products, reducing waste to a minimum. Once the product has finished its function, the materials containing it are in fact reintroduced into the business cycle. So that they can be continuously reused within the production.

The Pillars of the Circular Economy

  • sharing

  • reuse

  • repairing

  • recycling

  • borrowing

  • reconditioning

Water of the Langhe and the Circular Economy

The commitment of Acqua delle Langhe towards the circular economy is constantly developing. Nature is our first source of inspiration for our perfumes and fragrances.

To date, most of the materials we use for products are recyclable and usable.

At the same time we continue to work to make all items 100% sustainable.