Our Founder

" Acqua delle Langhe perfumes are unique and exclusive creations that arouse emotions and evoke memories. Nothing is left to chance but the flow of suggestions that each essence can awaken in a very sudden and different way in each of us. " - Alberto Avetta

The son of a musician and a graduate in sociology, Alberto Avetta had art in his DNA and from an early age he explored essences in search of the perfect fragrance.  At the age of 50, he decided to leave the company where he had been a commercial manager for years.  

One day, while walking through the vineyards in the places of his childhood, absorbed in the thoughts and smells he breathed, he decided to realize his dream in the drawer: to develop an absolutely unique line of perfumes. And so, armed with burning passion, Alberto Avetta in 2013 founded the brand Acqua delle Langhe.

" Perfumes are powerful olfactory signals that awaken memories and emotions. In me there has always been a predisposition to recognize them, to pay attention to them, training and refining my nose. Every creation comes from an intuition, from an attitude. With the same dedication and commitment to the work that I was given, in the land where I grew up and where I took root, I made my artifacts." - Alberto Avetta

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